ARGOS Pre-Apprenticeship Application
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Apprentice (Attestation):

I certify, by my signature, that I have read and acknowledged that the information on this form is accurate. I understand that the information being provided is to establish eligibility for participation in an apprenticeship program and it is my responsibility to submit any changes of address, phone number,employment, pay, absences, withdrawals, schedule adjustments or course of study.

I understand that upon acceptance into the apprenticeship program, I will receive a training plan which includes classroom instruction and experiential learning / hands-on skill development instruction. I understand that I am required to complete all components of the training plan within the allotted time period. I agree to participate in mandatory course assessments and certification exams.

I understand that if I do not participate in all components of the training plan, I may be placed on apprenticeship probation or removed from the program.

I understand that by my agreeing, this notice is intended for apprentices and is made in compliance with Florida Statute 119.071 (5). Argos-AI collects your SSN for use in performance of its duties and responsibilities for the following purposes: identification, eligibility and administrative use, and reporting to the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) where the disclosure is necessary for program reporting. Federal Law requires that we protect social security numbers from disclosure to unauthorized parties. Pre-Apprentices are assigned program identification numbers to assist in protecting their identities.
Standards of Pre-Apprenticeship Policy & Procedures

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