Angel Accreditation Academy​

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Application Deadline

January 7

Program Start

January 14

• 1/14 – In-person at our office
• 1/21 – virtual
• 1/28 – virtual
• 2/04 – virtual
• 2/11 – virtual
• 2/18 – In-person at our office

We guide black professionals through investing approaches to grow their capital around like minded investors

The Angel Accreditation Academy is a program that takes high-net-worth black individuals and connects them with education and opportunities to give back while growing their capital.

Learn Seasoned Investing Approaches

Financing ventures and understanding how to create a fund takes expertise. Let us help you set a foundation.

Develop Your Investor Network

Investing with others who share the same goals as you reduces the risk of investments that you want to make.

Fundamentals of Angel Investing

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of angel investing to new and aspiring angel investors, entrepreneurs, and community ecosystem builders. Delivered in an interactive panel discussion format, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of the asset class of angel investing. Program participants will learn about the motivations and characteristics of angel investors as well as the potential of angel returns. Course panelists will then provide an introductory overview of the angel funding process: deal flow and screening, due diligence, term sheets, valuation, and the post-investment relationship. Panelists will share their critical lessons learned and explain the benefits of angel investing in a group format.

Risks in Angel Investing

Since start-up companies have a high failure rate, a key component to success as an angel investor is to learn the best practices for evaluating the critical risk factors inherent in any potential early-stage investment. This course provides an in-depth exploration of both the risks and rewards of investing in early-stage companies. The course covers in specific detail the major risk categories and provides insights into the necessary strategies to potentially mitigate these risks. A case study exercise utilizing a Risk Canvas template provides participants with hands-on experience in uncovering and addressing risks.

Angel Returns and Portfolio Strategy

The Angel Capital Association engages in numerous data collection efforts to determine the rate of expected returns from angel investments. This course provides an analysis of angel portfolio strategies that are designed to maximize returns/exits and minimize losses. Data will be presented regarding the factors impacting returns on investment and internal rate of return. Topics covered include the importance of diversification, time to exit, investing in specific business verticals, determining the need for follow-on funding, and the role of angels in down markets.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a process undertaken by angels and/or angel groups to determine whether or not to invest in a particular start-up organization. This course covers the essentials of both the process of conducting due diligence and the various due diligence components. Participants will learn how to weigh factors such as the expertise of the founding team, product-market fit, potential market size, proposed business model, legal and IP protections, etc. The course also explains what might be potential due diligence deal killers which new angel investors need to avoid.

Valuation Course

Negotiating the current valuation of seed-stage startups at the time of investment is a critical component of angel term sheets. Getting the valuation right establishes a fair percentage of ownership for both investors and entrepreneurs and optimizes returns for investing angels. This course introduces participants to startup valuation and demonstrates multiple valuation methodologies. In addition to valuation methods, the lead instructor will provide insights into the impact of the stage of development, geographic location, business sector, and the global economy on startup valuation. The course also provides attendees with an exercise to help hone their newly acquired valuation skills by using these valuation methods in appraising a case study company.

Term Sheet Basics

A term sheet is a document that specifically outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement between the investors and the startup organization. This highly interactive course provides clear, practical information on early-stage term sheets, focused on defining the various terms and conditions that a new angel might review in a term sheet. During the course, participants will be led through the formation of a publicly available term sheet, enabling them to understand the term sheet definitions and overall construction and intent of this highly important document. The course will also explore the various scenarios of how early-stage term sheet conditions can be modified for follow-on investors in later stages of financing.

Get access to a community with both investor and founders with the knowledge needed to find your success.