"Build that capital. Build that wealth. Empower others, and stay politically engaged and active" - BlackTech Week Fireside Chat 2021

A'lelia Bundles

American Journalist, Producer & Author

"Black Tech Week is where I met my first mentor Jeff Hoffman, the co-founder of Priceline” - The Hungry Black Man Media Morning Show

‍Spectacular Smith

CEO of Adwizar and Member of Pretty Ricky R&B Group

"Every smart kid should look at a career in tech because it’s a great way to build a great future” - BlackTech Week 2016

Jeff Hoffman

Co-Founder of Priceline

"We’ve gotta create this ecosystem in a meaningful way so that there are multiple paths to success. Black Tech Week- [is] super important" - Cafecito Talk with The Center for Black Innovation

Mayor Francis X. Suarez

Mayor of Miami

"Black Tech Week is a one-stop-shop on how you go from idea to growth and every step in-between" - BlackTech Week 2016

Randal Pickett

CEO, Chairman & Co-founder of BCT Partners

"Technology is the best when it brings people together" - DA Dorsey House Miami, FL

Starex Smith, Sheila Johnson, Oliver Gilbert (left to right).

Sr. VP for CFBI (left),Co-founder of BET, CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts(middle),, Miami-Gardens Miami-Dade County Commissioner District 1(right)

"Good founders can give me a picture of the future that I can believe, and the second that I believe your version of the future, you have leverage" - BlackTech Week 2017

Michael Seibel

CEO of Y Combinator

"More capital to back more entrepreneurs with more ideas from more places, in a more inclusive way" - Steve Case, Rise of the Rest Roadtrip, at the Center for Black Innovation, 2019

Starex Smith, Micheal Simkins, Steve Case (left to right)

Sr. VP for CFBI(left), Director of Simkins Foundation(middle), Chairman and CEO, Revolution(right)